The art of capturing …

à propos josiane farandProfessional and passionate photographer practicing her craft for over 26 years (already!) Josiane develop a sensitive approach vis-à-vis her subjects. Her extensive experience in fields as diverse as corporate and event environment, industrial photography, commercial approach, portrait and studio product, editorial shooting and bank of images, reporting, aerial photography etc. , . allows her to always find the angle allowing her subject to be best represented and enlightened.

I am passionate about photography since my childhood … I offer you the best of my experience and my vision to give you the image that will represent you at your best.

My goal

To provide an outstanding and appreciated image which will allow you to stand out. Regardless of whether the final product is used to represent you on a site, or for advertising or framed as a keepsake that is dear to you, it must distinguish itself.

My approach

Simplicity, Originality, Discretion
For Josiane, the passion of photography begins in childhood. What started as a hobby during her adolescence have become an exciting career as an adult. Her biggest challenge? Discover the originality in simplicity. Rigorously, she seeks to rediscover her subjects and capture their essence, to reveal them to us under an unexpected angle.